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How to Make a Handmade Type


Lately I’ve been receiving various Emails where people ask me how to make letters out of objects. I’ve decided to prepare a brief tutorial which covers the whole process of making letters. During these few years my technique of making fonts has evolved. First letters were created without additional lights, and were photographed with small digital camera which I held in my hand. Even in bad technical conditions you can make letters of good quality if you stick to these rules.

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Playful Type 2


I’ve just received a copy of a new book Playful Type 2 edited by Gestalten. The edition looks extraordinary, quality print on 220 pages, hard cover. My Diary Type project had the honour to be one of many magnificent works chosen by the editors.

Playful Type 2 examines how designers are using a variety of techniques to produce typography and lettering in a range of innovative styles. It not only features high-quality type design and diverse applications for original lettering, but also insightful texts and interviews with leading typographers that explore current developments.

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